Gombak Field Study Centre

On 18th May I went to Gombak Field Study Centre to set up a Malaise Trap. While there my colleagues and I also collected a few butterflies. There is already an extensive collection of butterflies from Gombak in the museum (UMKL) mostly collected by Prof. Sofian during the 2000s.

The species we collected on May 18th 2012 were:

Danaus melanippus

Papilio demolion

Graphium sarpedon

Ideopsis similis persimilis

Elymnias hypernestra agina

Junomia iphita

Tanaecia sp.

Xanthotaenia busiris busiris

Apias lyncida

Appias sp.

Saleta liberia

Mycalesis maianeus

Ragadia makuta siponta

Neptis leuccoporos cresina

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